Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Condom PSA

It is common knowledge now that condoms are not a luxury for anyone having sex with a partner (or partners) with whom they are not fluid-bonded.  There is often a complaint with potential condom users that taking the fraction of a minute necessary to put on a condom breaks the "flow" of a sexual encounter.  Sex doesn't have to be mechanical, but - especially with a new, or non-bonded partner - it shouldn't be approached as some magical mystery tour of someone's "private parts".  If a thirty-second pause in action would ruin the whole night (as if an STI or pregnancy wouldn't do much worse), then you're probably going at it with the wrong mindset anyway...

Parasol Island, a design studio, produced a few humorous ads to drive this point home while promoting condom use.

Sex is no accident, by Parasol Island via MTV.

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